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Electrical Engineering

Electronics Design and Opto-Mechanical Integration

With the industrialization of the LED the requirements and opportunities of electronics applied to illumination and non-visible light spectrum applications grew profoundly.  We love it and thrive here.


Finding the synchronicity between desired capabilities and achievable results is where we work providing services ranging from complete opto-mechanical-electronic design requirements to final composite 3D production files and BOM list. 


Standard Products

  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current

  • Linear Stick System including 240VAC

  • Controllers and Sensor Applications

  • Custom Designed OEM Built Power Supplier


Custom Designed and OEM Produced Electronics

  • Specification on Demand

  • Unique form factors

  • Quality sourcing and global logistics


LED Selection and Light Engine Development

  • Luminance Management

  • Content System

  • Sensors and Specialty Systems

  • Technical Relationship Network with LED and Component Manufacturers


Our diverse and experienced engineering team offer full LED Driver design and development including system modeling, sensor integration, mechanical, optical integration, and software design.  


From visible/non visible light using visible sensors through cooled mid-wave to long wave infrared focal plane arrays, we are prepared to evaluate, design, engineer and deliver integrated optotronical systems.


Medical/Scientific Instruments

  • Endoscopes

  • Microscopes

  • SPR Spectroscopy

  • UV Curing

  • Patient Observation

  • Night-Vision and thermal imaging


Optotronical Systems

  • Opto electronics and algorithms

  • Analog/Digital circuit design

  • LED Driver design, development and production

  • Image Processing Algorithm development

  • Occupancy Sensor control

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