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Mechanical Engineering

Great Design for Visual, Functional and Manufacturing.

Understanding your project requirements and product feature requirements we provide a balanced solution with uncompromising design visually, functionally and with the manufacturing process as end game in mind.


Balancing the entire photon system model requires thorough understanding and agreement with the various principle driving factors, especially for LED applications. 

These are the light source, optics, thermal and mechanical requirements to serve in good form and function.




Our broad applications experience along with strong in-house design and development engineering capabilities ensures our clients are served effectively.


Whether you want or need your own custom mechanical fixture, system or specialized housing, or are looking for “off the shelf” solutions, we can serve. 


We work closely with several supplier relationships for standard and custom solutions of injection molding, extrusion, or castings process companies in addition to the in-house CNC and other engineering resources we have.

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