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Tormach Helped Photon Ink's Optical Engineering Company Grow

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Product development is no easy task for anyone, and eventually there comes a time when you need to look into speeding up efficiency. Kevin ran into that decision before purchasing his Tormach and walks through his thinking of why he went the route he did. Photon Ink is a product development company that specializes in optical engineering. It came down to deciding between a manual mill and a CNC mill to produce LED solutions for his clients. When he found out the Tormach cost just a little more than a manual mill, he had to jump on it.

Kevin had previous experience prototyping a part on a manual machine and realized that there are limitations, especially if you are looking to crank multiple parts out. Now the Tormach is used for custom pieces or one off parts that he doesn’t want to tie up his larger machine for. Tormach has allowed Photon Ink to make the right decision on a machine that meets their needs, while keeping the Tormach plenty active.

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